Personality Types

Eagle Characteristics

They are high focused, driven and highly motivated, So result focused goal setting is natural to them. They are independent and like to do things their way. they don't like to fail. they like being productive and making progress

Dove Characteristics

They are "People Person" and enjoy helping other people succeed.

They are good at building relationships and networking - the key to their success. They are happy to follow plans as part of team, but not necessarily on Their own.

Peacock Characteristics

They loves to talk. They continually seek new opportunities.

They are flexible, open minded and tend to notice and grab opportunities They enjoy the journey as much as the results. Not good with time control

Owl Characteristics

They are naturally curious and interested in gaining knowledge and becoming an expert. They think things through to minimize risk and chance of things going wrong.

They are motivated by knowledge, expertise and logic.

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